Validation of new operating procedures for tactical and operational army logistics.


Customized simulation model that enables army professionals to develop, test and validate new operating procedures, without interfering real-life processes.


Simuleringsmodellen giver officererne fra Hærens Center for Logistik et værktøj til at udføre kritiske forbedringer på forsyningskæden.

"We see great potential in stress-testing and developing various supply chain configurations with the new simulation tool."

- Head of Danish Defense Simulation Technology

Danish Army Logistics executes and develops new operating procedures for tactical and operational army logistics. It is a complex and expensive maneuver to test and validate new operating procedures for army logistics in real life full scale exercises. It is, however, crucial to thoroughly test and validate operating procedures to ensure best possible safety and supply for the soldiers on ground going into battle.

Danish Army Logistics therefore partnered up with simulation experts from Integrate who used Enterprise Dynamics to develop a customized simulation solution. The simulation model enables the Army logistics professionals to develop, test, and validate new operating procedures without interfering with the real-world processes.

With empirical data from army engagements around the world the simulation solution helps the army logistics professionals to spot the critical bottlenecks in the supply chain Moreover, the general understanding of hard limits within the supply chain under various circumstances is enhanced. As a result, the army professionals are enabled to perform critical improvements to the supply chain.

Bearing that in mind the logistics simulation solution developed by Integrate directly helps the dedicated Army professionals in ensuring the best and safest possible supply chain for soldiers in battle.

The simulation solution has been realized in a close cooperation between Integrate and Danish Army Logistics. The development process has been an iterative process with relatively small closed loops and frequent status meetings.

It was essential for all involved that the solution closely reflects the real-world supply chain both in its functionality and visual representation. Thus, increasing the understanding and interpretation of simulated scenarios in development and testing of operating procedures. The possibility to stress test specific supply chains configurations before deployment further enhances the operational level and security of supply. Narrowing the gap between preparations before deployment and experienced reality when deployed is a key factor in the overall operational success.

Aalborg Portland




"It is a powerful tool to compare and test consequences of our vessel and silo logistics. It is quicker to get an overview of which consequences changes in e.g. vessel capacity has on the vessel logistics in general."

- Morten Knudsen, Head of Logistics.

By implementing and using a supply chain simulation solution from Integrate Aalborg Portland A/S has gained new and improved opportunities for optimization of their ship operations between silos in Europe. Amongst other the supply simulation solution has provided Aalborg Portland with:

  • A tool for analysing and evaluating the utilization rate of their fleet
  • Quantification and qualification of various scenarios regarding ship and silo operations
  • Opportunities for assessment of consequences when changing their supply chain

Aalborg Portland is Denmark’s only cement manufacturer. The factory in Aalborg excellences by having easy access to raw materials as clay and chalk, and by having an ideal geographic location for ship transport. Aalborg Portland is a market leader in Denmark and has an expanding export market; Aalborg Portland is the world largest exporter of white cement. Aalborg Portland delivers cement for 70 markets and has built a net of silos in the Northern part of Europe which is approached in bulks from Aalborg.
Logistic manager in Aalborg Portland explains that the simulation solution “is a strong tool for comparison and test of consequences in their ship and silo logistics. It is fast to get an overview over, what changes in e.g. ship capacity implies for the overall ship operations”.

Integrate has provided a simulation solution for Aalborg Portland which includes their siloes and ships in the North/vest Europe. Aalborg Portland has with the solution from Integrate gained new opportunities for evaluating the overall delivery performance and overall costs, because the dynamic relationships between demand, silo capacity and ship capacity is built into the simulation solution. Further, Aalborg Portland has gained opportunities for testing the robustness of their supply chain; the supply chain solution helps Aalborg Portland identifying the critical elements in the overall supply chain. The simulation solution is thus a significant decision support tool in Aalborg Portland’s existing and future supply chain and the operation of it. Aalborg Portland also uses the simulation solution as a decision support tool in their budget planning, because it is fast and also more convening to get an overview of the consequences of changes, since the total costs pr. Ton, pr. Ship and pr. Destination can be evaluated. Aalborg Portland now also has the opportunity to make experiments with different control settings at the silos, thus Aalborg Portland can optimise the shipping between the silos meanwhile the high delivery reliability is maintained.





"...And the cases were used to dealing with are now being dealt with even better than before"

- Frands Kristensen, Technical Manager

Efficiency and reliability in the internal processes at Time Danmark results in better economy in their projects.
It is often the activities before the production that determines whether a project or order results in black numbers at the bottom line.
Time Denmark is world leading within production, sales and service of van mounted access platforms. Their product offerings are wide; from customised specialised constructions to more standardised lifts which can be mounted on different vans.
Time Danmark has through the last couple of years focused on development and improvement of internal processes in order to improve the profitability and to secure fast business procedures for complex orders.
By differentiating the order types and by having a clear, efficient and in many cases simpler process for each order type, we have succeeded in stabilising and improving the processes. Put simple; the time between “bad orders” has increased, meanwhile the processes with “good cases” has become even better” – Frands Kristensen, technical manager at Time Danmark
Frands Kristiensen continuous by: “Integrate has been actively involved in the whole process from analysis to development, implementation and embedding of the new business processes, tools and routines. Integrate’s consultancy secured professionalism and quality in the work. Meanwhile Integrate has contributed to a structured process in a busy working day. To involve the whole organisation in designing “the processes of the future” has also had an important influence on the results.”
“We have seen many positive results. Firstly, we experience a general improvement in our projects and secondly we experience that the work with process improvement allows us to increase the capacity in a market with large demand.
The work does not stop here! We do never finish in optimising our processes – we need to bring the aim towards continuous improvement with us every day.”
– Frands Kristensen

Jydsk Aluminium Industri


To perform a major efficiency improvement to improve revenue, competitivenes and create growth.


To introduce and embed a customized structure within the company and organize the ongoing work of improvement, so that it will be a part of the daily work of all workers.


Through education, training and new methods in the work of improvement, the focus is on continuous improvements embedded in the daily work and has become an ongoing process.

"The biggest benefit has to be credited to our own commited workers, who in a much higher degree than before have become an active part of the work of improvement."

- Karsten W. Bonde

Jydsk Aluminium Industri has systemised their work with continuous improvement and implemented their self-developed continuous improvement concept (Jydsk Produktivitets System).
High efficiency, quality and delivery reliability are important parameters in the foundries competitiveness, and it is significant factors in keeping the production and development in Denmark.
Karsten W. Bonde, factory manager at Jydsk Aluminium Industri explains that “Through the last couple of years we have educated both managers and employees in the LEAN-philosophy and methods for continuous improvement. By systematic involvement of employees and a continuous process with focus on execution, follow-ups and retention on the improvement process we have seen significant improvements in the production. The utilization rate on strategic important core machines has increased by 20%, meanwhile the “visual expression” in the foundry has improved.”
Integrate has been actively involved in the process and has supported with education for managers, coaching and execution of improvement projects. It has been beneficial for us that we have been able to use the same consultant resources for education and for the concrete improvement projects as process improvement, 5S, SMED, etc.”
The largest benefit must be dedicated to our committed employees, which is now actively integrated in the improvement projects” Karsten W. Bonde concludes.
The work with continuous improvement in Jydsk Aluminium Industri does not end her. It is a continuous process that will be implemented throughout the whole company in the coming years.