Case: time

Efficiency and reliability in the internal processes at Time Danmark results in better economy in their projects.
It is often the activities before the production that determines whether a project or order results in black numbers at the bottom line.
Time Denmark is world leading within production, sales and service of van mounted access platforms. Their product offerings are wide; from customised specialised constructions to more standardised lifts which can be mounted on different vans.
Time Danmark has through the last couple of years focused on development and improvement of internal processes in order to improve the profitability and to secure fast business procedures for complex orders.
By differentiating the order types and by having a clear, efficient and in many cases simpler process for each order type, we have succeeded in stabilising and improving the processes. Put simple; the time between “bad orders” has increased, meanwhile the processes with “good cases” has become even better” – Frands Kristensen, technical manager at Time Danmark
Frands Kristiensen continuous by: “Integrate has been actively involved in the whole process from analysis to development, implementation and embedding of the new business processes, tools and routines. Integrate’s consultancy secured professionalism and quality in the work. Meanwhile Integrate has contributed to a structured process in a busy working day. To involve the whole organisation in designing “the processes of the future” has also had an important influence on the results.”
“We have seen many positive results. Firstly, we experience a general improvement in our projects and secondly we experience that the work with process improvement allows us to increase the capacity in a market with large demand.
The work does not stop here! We do never finish in optimising our processes – we need to bring the aim towards continuous improvement with us every day.”
– Frands Kristensen