process optimisation

Processes that supports your business

Do you experience bottlenecks in the production or the supply chain?
Are you planning new production lines or produciton units and are you aware of how the flow will perform?
Are you considering to restructure logistic routes or establishing a new warehouse?
How do you ensure e.g the best possible balance between inventory levels, logistic costs and delivery performance?

An efficient logistics and supply chain is perhaps the most crucial competitive parameter of our time, which is to ensure optimized relations between delivery service, logistic costs, and inventory levels. Integrate are specialists in supply chain optimization and provide consultancy and solutions that create transparency and credibility in the basis for decision. This produces results that can be noticed on the bottom line.

Examples on what we have delivered:

  • Simulation solutions that answers concrete questions on production and supply chain.
  • Simulation solutions that provides continued decision support in day-to-day running.
  • Analyses based on valuestream mapping, ABC analyses etc.
  • Proces consultancy with basis in application of LEAN principles.
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Simulation Software

Integrate is the danish
distributor of Enterprise Dynamics® developed by InControl.
Enterprise Dynamics® is an object-oriented simulation tool, which purpose is to imitate reality. Thus it is possible to evaluate, test and see the impact of new concepts, layout, capacities etc.