Processes that supports your business

Are your internal processes and work routines effective? Do you utilize your companies resources optimally and do you deliver the right quality at the right time? If not, it is often because the internal processes are inefficient.

Integrate is specialised in optimization of business processes. It is about creating flow and efficiency throughout the organisations processes. Often the key to success is to:

  • Create an overview over the organisations different processes and secure that different processes are controlled differently.
  • Map your value adding and non-value adding activities.
  • Put focus on standardising processes and education of the organisation in them.
  • Secure that administrative routines, tools and IT supports an efficient and reliable process.
  • Create a common understanding of processes, corporation and shift of responsibility.

Integrate does among others assists with:

  • Implementation of process analysis and value stream mapping.
  • Process support and project management in the execution of improvement projects.
  • The execution of internal process improvement workshops and seminars.
  • Introduction of LEAN administration and continuous improvement.
  • Simulation of work routines.