Production and
supply chain

Optimisation of your logistics

Are your internal processes and work procedures effective and efficient?
Do you utilise your organisations ressources optimally and deliver the right quality to the right time?
If not - it is often due to issues in the internal processes!

We are specialised in optimisation of business processes. It is all about creating flow and efficiency thoughout the organisations processes, and often the key to success is concerned around the following:

  • Create an overview of your various process procedures and ensure that different procedures are controlled differently.
  • Map value adding and non value adding activities.
  • Bring focus on the uniformisation and standardisation of processes and train the organisation in how to use them.
  • Ensure that administrative routines, tools and IT support effective and reliable process procedures.
  • Create mutual understanding of processes, collaboration and shift of responsibilities across the orgnisation.

We assist among other things with:

  • Conducting process analysis and value stream mapping.
  • Process subsidy and project management in completing projects of improvement.
  • Hosting internal process optimisation workshops and seminars.
  • Implementation of LEAN administration and continuous improvements.
  • Simulation of workflows. (see the tab 'Simulation')
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Simulation Software

Integrate is the danish
distributor of Enterprise Dynamics® developed by InControl.
Enterprise Dynamics® is an object-oriented simulation tool, which purpose is to imitate reality. Thus it is possible to evaluate, test and see the impact of new concepts, layout, capacities etc.