Business Intelligence

We create customer adapted solutions through Business Intelligence (BI). Our solutions range from minor BI reports with two or less data sources to larger turnkey solutions including data sources from all relevant sources of the customer.

Business Intelligence solutions create value for you by utilising historical data from integrated systems – most often Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Additionally, we can retrieve data from sources such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems, Excel sheets, Access databases, RESTful API etc. Through data, we outline trends in the business’ key figures and KPIs.

Our BI solutions are built in Microsoft Power BI – a well-established tool in rapid development. Power BI enables for up to 8/48 daily updates per 24 hours depending on the choice of solution.

A typical solution may contain focus areas such as sales and customer statistics, production key figures, monthly finance figures, quality control etc. Customers also often have a specific focus area, where they are working on improvement initiatives, from where they want measurements through BI solutions.

Digital Automatization

Through our many years in the industry, we have worked with many different tools and systems, from where we have created even more solutions. As a result, we have acquired a broad knowledge for digital systems in general. We use this knowledge to develop and implement digital automations solutions.

Many of our customers use classic Excel sheets to control various functions within their businesses. Often, we see that such tools require some time-consuming manual work to obtain the desired output. We can automatise such tools and maintain the format. Nothing new to learn, fewer manual errors arise – and time is saved!

We are of course not limited to Excel sheets, but also develop tools in Access databases, Power Automate and many more minor tools, where you may save time in day-to-day operations.

Examples on such tools are a product configurator with automatic quoting and generation of bill-of-materials etc., automatic costing sheet for sales projects, automatization of finance summations, competence matrix, Gantt diagrams and much more.

Do you have a specific request that cannot be addressed with standard tools, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Data gathering

We offer two types of data gathering solutions – manual and automatic.

Manual recording

Our tablet-based Scorecard solution allows for recording of data at the process and operator level. The web-based Scorecard is easy to use and designed to be applied in the day-to-day running directly on the individual workstation. The Scorecard is perfect for recording on processes where data cannot be captured automatically in ERP systems or alike.

Besides recording data per job, we also offer a module for systematic maintenance, which allows for automatic control of maintenance processes. Here, an overview is created consisting of completed and pending inspections. Likewise, comments can also be used, where the operator can register a comment to an inspection, from where components for repairs can be ordered.

Our standard Power BI report is also included in the solution, in which all relevant KPIs, statistics as well as raw data is visualised. (Read more about Power BI under the tab Business Intelligence)

Automatic recording

With automatic recording of data, we create a factual foundation of knowledge on production status of machines, conveyors etc. We retrieve data signals directly from PLC-level, which is used to compute e.g. up-/downtimes.

We recommend such a solution to be combined with Business Intelligence, from where one may get in-depth insights in the recorded data.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring visualises your live data such as machine performance, order related information etc. We develop a customer tailored dashboard that can be displayed on monitors directly in the production or wherever desired.

Examples on classic measure points in the production environments are produced units per hour, up-/downtimes throughout the day, quality control per unit etc. Moreover, presentation of relevant measures such as vibrations, temperature, humidity etc. can be implemented.

Data is retrieved directly from PLC-level or via other installed sensors and alike. Hereto, dashboards can be connected with your MES and/or ERP systems, from where we can gather information about the current order, properties of the produced item, norm times and much more.

Contact us to see a live demo of the possibilities with performance monitoring!

Simulation Software

Integrate is the danish
distributor of Enterprise Dynamics® developed by InControl.
Enterprise Dynamics® is an object-oriented simulation tool, which purpose is to imitate reality. Thus it is possible to evaluate, test and see the impact of new concepts, layout, capacities etc.



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