Production resource optimisation

Do you have an overview over the productions total cost?
Do you know the relationship between your production plans and the total costs of these?

Production is much more than time, salary and material cost. We can also take into consideration energy, water and environmental costs along with indirect production costs. The production costs are equal the sum of process and consumption costs. Most companies contains significant unexploited potential for a more effective resource utilization of both processes and resources.

Integrate is specialised in resource optimization in the production. We have developed strong competencies and simulation solutions which provides an overview and decision support in the production. This enables improved resource utilization.

Integrate helps you with resource optimization based on:

  • Process mapping and data collection with focuses on linking process and consumption data together.
  • Developing models of the process flow including processes, capacities, cycle times etc.
  • Introduction of resource optimization simulation solutions in the daily operations.
  • Securing the ongoing work with resource optimisation in the organisations work with LEAN

Process optimisation

With professional coaching, experience sharing and a well proven structure Integrate leads you through the process no matter the goal. Our consultancy addresses all types of companies yet; the concepts are fitted to your organisation and wishes. We help you to:

  • Create success in improvement projects by providing the right framework and rules on management and employee level.
  • Create the right competencies by training your employees to handle the different tasks and roles.

Integrate can perform these tasks whether we are talking about project management, performance management, training, etc.

LEAN and continous improvement

Are your processes effective and streamlined and do you have focus on what creates value for the customers?
Are your employees daily involved and motivated for a systematic improvement processes?
Do you experience that it is hard to keep the improvement processes ongoing?

Integrate is specialised in LEAN and management of continuous improvement. We have through 20 years helped customers to improve their production, logistic and business processes with the goal to create enhanced competitiveness and better profits.
Successful improvement processes is especially about:

  • To achieve essential results in a short period of time.
  • To create a clear and transparent concept for the production and logistic processes.
  • To create structure in the improvement processes and to secure that all are involved throughout the processes.
  • To create connections between strategy, goals and performance in the long term.

Integrate assists with:

  • Analysis of your value chain and design of a new optimized concept.
  • Education and training of leaders and workers in LEAN and improvement processes.
  • Establishment of Kaizen and improvement boards.
  • Execution of specific improvement events in the production and administration.
  • Process support and project management in execution of improvement projects.
  • Simulation of your production and logistic.

Optimisation of logistics

Are your logistics and supply chain optimized and what does that even mean?
Optimized logistic is about creating the right balance between logistic costs, service level and inventory levels.

An effective supply chain is maybe the modern times most important competitive factor.

Integrate are specialists in logistics optimisation.
We help you with logistic improvements through:

  • Value chain mapping across the entire supply chain.
  • Analysis of internal logistics, storage principles, transportation, picking routines, assembly lines, palletizing, shipping and distribution.
  • Data analysis and optimization of e.g. forecasts, variant management, batch sizes, location control, order control, etc.
  • Simulation and visualisation of supply chains.

Optimization of your logistic setup is a very complex discipline with a lot of parameters and assumptions. Integrate are experts in dynamic simulation which creates transparency and trustworthy decision support in connection with the development and improvement of supply chains.

Simulation Software

Integrate is the danish
distributor of Enterprise Dynamics® developed by InControl.
Enterprise Dynamics® is an object-oriented simulation tool, which purpose is to imitate reality. Thus it is possible to evaluate, test and see the impact of new concepts, layout, capacities etc.



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  • Arla Foods
  • Bo-Glas
  • Brüel Systems
  • Carsoe
  • Danish Crown
  • Delika
  • Fumac
  • Grundfos
  • HMK Bilcon
  • Jydsk Aluminium Industri
  • LEGO
  • Migatronic Automation
  • ML Industries
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Staermose Industry
  • Tican Fresh Meat
  • VELA
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