Process Simulation

With outset in our large business experience within industrial companies our process simulation solutions supports your business by answering:

  • How is capacity utilized? Should it be increased/decreased?
  • What are the benefits of reduced throughput times?
  • What will happen if changes are made in the production(machines, people, product mix etc.)?
  • What should the capacity and layout of the factory be to match your customers requirements?
  • What will happen if demand changes?

Based on our many years of experience along with our ability to inspire, involve and increase the competencies of your employees, we secure that changes are controlled and anchored in the company.

Supply Chain Simulation

With outset in our Supply Chain simulation solutions combined with a strong knowledge base concerning logistics and supply chains enables us to make complex challenges manageable and create a transparent and objective basis for making decisions.

With supply chain simulation you can test the efficiency of your supply chain and see the consequences of your decisions before of they are made to your supply chain. Hereby, a shared view of your functions and connections is established in your organisation. Additionally a shared decision basis is established.

This provided effective decision support which helps you to answer:

  • What is the most cost effective setup?
  • Where should factories, warehouses and distribution centers be located and how are goods transported to the lowest possible cost?
  • How is your delivery performance, throughput times and cost affected when changes are made in your supply chain such as control parameters, reorder points etc.?
  • What is the optimal balance between logistic costs, service levels and inventory levels?

Supply chain simulation helps you to make consequence assessments of your setup and make the right decisions!
Experience shows that it results in improved earnings, optimised cash flow and increase competitiveness

Virtual Manufacturing

In many of our projects, we use Virtual Manufacturing to create better insight in processes, to optimize and balance capacities, to test concepts and validate complex business activities and much more.

Through a combination of simulation and visualisation in 2D-/3D drawings, we can recreate e.g. a current or conceptual production site with possibility to navigate via the classic mouse and keyboard on a PC or via Virtual Reality.

Thus, a common foundation is created for all parties to (further) develop and solve challenges, whether it is proces optimization, -scheduling or something else.

Crowd Simulation

Based on classical simulations techniques, a new parallel tool has originated, which is specifically developed to imitate and represent human behaviour.

Based on mathematical models, one can simulate entire facilities such as train stations, airports, stadiums, ferries, town fairs and much more. In the simulation, each persons behaviour is computed based on the individuals immediate environment, including other persons behaviour, posting of signs and events like an arriving train.

Using simulation, one may identify focus zones where crowds have tendencies to gather. From this, structural engineers, event planners and other relevant personnel can make decisions on optimal placement of key points such as food and drinking booths, emergency stations, advertising signs, bins etc. to maximise profit and improve the general flow. Likewise, risk planners and safety experts may simulate the effect of different action plans and layouts of evacuation routes, placement of emergency exits, safety stations, number of safety personnel, maximum number of guests etc.

Hereto, correct planning of infrastructural functions is carried out, including the number of entrances, width on corridors, number and placement of toilets and much more.

Social distancing – COVID-19

COVID-19 has demanded new standards in regards of social distancing to other persons. As a result, it may be difficult for managers in the restauration and retail industry to serve customers, while on the same time ensuring that they comply with guidelines issued by authorities.

Crowd Simulation can be profited by in exactly these contexts such as café and restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping malls etc. Here, one may simulate the output of different layouts to maximise the number of customers at any point of time and at the same time maintain a safe environment for the customers.

Healthcare Simulation

Why use simulation within health care? It is about securing patient satisfaction.

The health care industry undergoes large changes with increased focus on quality and safety in patient care. The goals are:

  • The best treatment at the lowest possible costs.
  • Increased health in the population.
  • High experienced quality.
  • Low cost per treated citizen.
  • Compliance with treatment guarantees.

How to harmonize this?
The health care industry has in many years been an area for large cost savings and hereby layoffs. Why not simulate and hereby optimize processes instead? It is about finding the best balance that the system can operate under with the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

It can be complicated to optimize within the health care industry:

  • There are a lot of different variables and resources involved in the treatment.
  • Patients do not arrive after a perfect schedule. They often arrive with a given variance.

With simulation it is possible to model complex relationships and variance in multiple areas. Hereby, it is possible to test and analyse all or a part of the treatment-area without risk.

Software and education

We provide education for businesses and educational institutions. Here, focus is primarily on learning and practical understanding of simulation. However, we also include Operations Management and Supply Chain Management.

Simulation training is two-piece:

  • Basic course: What is simulation, how is it applied and to what?
  • Advanced course: Expand competencies with emphasis on control algorithms and coding. Can be extended to training in GUI and 3D animation.

Educational institutions

We provide education for Universities, University Colleges, Business Academies etc. The lessons can be conducted at all levels of difficulty, and we offer standard “educational packages” as well as customized packages, where the lessons are tailored to the main field of the semester, ensuring that it fits with the existing theme of the education.

We teach throughout all of Denmark. Through our high professional level, the lessons are spiced with experience from industrial cases. This creates an exciting and dynamic teaching method that supports and motivates the students to go the extra mile in their learnings.


With basis in the simulation tool Enterprise Dynamics®, we offer education in usage and understanding of simulation as well as Enterprise Dynamics®.
We offer among others:

  • Basic course: What is simulation, how is it applied and to what?
  • Customer adapted course: How can simulation be applied in your business. This course is often interrelated with the delivery of a simulation model, where the desire is that the customer is to utilise the simulation model themselves within the operation environment.

The courses are based on your business and tailored so that the education and examples are relatable to your daily routines and challenges.

We have educated several businesses, including Grundfos, Viking, Dantherm, Danish Crown and Aalborg Portland.

Industrial Laundries

We are specialised in laundry operations management and execution.

Do you need a second opinion before making decisions on investment or changes in your laundry operation?

Solutions for the future Behind the scene... We have developed a complete simulation platform designed exclusively for laundries.

Proof Of Concept

We offer to confirm laundry designs and optimise industrial laundries based on a unique timeline platform, designed specifically for laundry equipment and production flow. Our business solutions suit existing as well as greenfield laundries.

Proof Of Performance

Optimise your existing production. Create forecasts and confirm your performance including all KPIs of tomorrow. Simulate your execution plan and view the exact performance of your laundry.


Read more about simulation in industrial laundries at our subsidary Logics: http://www.logics.dk

Energy Simulation

A major changeover of the energy system is necessary and ongoing, which presents numerous challenges. How can one combine the individual consumers energy demand with the current and future technologies combined with a continued growing focus on sustainable energy?

Sustainable energy sources are fluctuating, for which reason there is a need for either storing energy or exporting the excess energy that is not consumed by the demand at a given point of time.

Consequently, there is a need for fact-based decision support that is effective in choosing the right design with a view to ensure the best of:

  • Security of supply
  • Efficiency
  • Energy utilization
  • Sustainability
  • Economy

Simulation Software

Integrate is the danish
distributor of Enterprise Dynamics® developed by InControl.
Enterprise Dynamics® is an object-oriented simulation tool, which purpose is to imitate reality. Thus it is possible to evaluate, test and see the impact of new concepts, layout, capacities etc.



  • Aeropak
  • Arla Foods
  • Bo-Glas
  • Brüel Systems
  • Carsoe
  • Danish Crown
  • Delika
  • Fumac
  • Grundfos
  • HMK Bilcon
  • Jydsk Aluminium Industri
  • LEGO
  • Migatronic Automation
  • ML Industries
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Staermose Industry
  • Tican Fresh Meat
  • VELA
  • Vendelbo Spedition
  • Vestas Wind Systems
  • Aalborg Portland
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