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Integrate 365 is a software package solution consisting of a core element and various integration modules that meet different needs. With Integrate 365, a streamlined process for data capture, data processing, and data presentation is created.

Do you know all the consequences of your decision before it's made? Simulation and guidance provide results through better decision-making

Are your internal processes and workflows efficient? Are you optimizing the company's resources and delivering the right quality at the right time? If not, it's often because internal processes are causing issues!

Business intelligence using Microsoft Power solutions.

Digitize your manual workflows with Microsoft Power Apps.

Power Automate

Designed to automate various proccesses and tasks in the cloud.

Are you interested in knowing what Integrate can do for your company? Have an informal conversation with one of our consultants!

We value creating close and long-lasting collaborative relationships with both customers and partners. This philosophy has been with us since the establishment of Integrate A/S in 2008.

What can Integrate do for you?

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