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Are your internal processes and workflows efficient? Are you making optimal use of your company's resources and delivering the right quality at the right time? If not – it's often because internal processes can be challenging!

We specialize in optimizing business processes. It's about creating flow and efficiency through your company's processes, and the key to success often involves the following:

  • Gain an overview of your various process flows and ensure that different flows are managed differently.

  • Map value-added and non-value-added activities. Focus on standardizing and streamlining processes and train the organization accordingly.

  • Ensure that administrative routines, tools, and IT support efficient and reliable process flows. 

  • Foster a common understanding of processes, collaboration, and responsibility shifts across the organization.

We assist with:

  • Conducting process analysis and value stream analysis.

  • Process support and project management for improvement projects.

  • Hosting internal process optimization workshops and seminars.

  • Implementing LEAN Administration and Continuous Improvement.

  • Simulation of workflows.


Resource optimisation in Production

Do you have an overview of the total production costs? Do you understand the connection between the products and production plans you execute and the overall cost picture associated with them?

Concepts like efficiency, productivity, waste, and fast throughput times are still relevant, but in many companies, it's necessary to expand the focus to effectively utilize the resources used. This includes considerations of energy, water, environmental costs, and indirect production costs.

Integrate specializes in resource optimization in production. We have developed strong competencies and simulation solutions that provide insights and decision support in the effort to improve resource efficiency in production.

Integrate assists you with resource optimization, including:

Process mapping and data collection to link process and consumption data.

Modeling the overall process flow, including processes, capacities, process times, etc.

Implementing a resource optimization simulator into daily operations.

Embedding resource optimization efforts into your company's Lean initiatives


Process efficiency 

With professional guidance, knowledge sharing, and a well-established structure, Integrate guides you through the process regardless of the goal. Our consultancy services are applicable to all types of businesses, but our concepts are tailored and scaled to fit your company and needs.

We can assist you in:

Achieving success in change projects by establishing the right framework and rules at the leadership and employee levels.

Developing the right competencies by equipping your employees to handle various tasks and roles.

Integrate can handle these tasks, whether it involves project management, goal setting, competence development, and more.


Lean and Continuous Improvement

Are your processes efficient and streamlined, with a focus on what creates value for customers?
Are your employees actively involved and motivated for systematic improvement work on a daily basis?
Do you find it challenging to sustain the improvement process?

Integrate specializes in LEAN and continuous improvement management and has been helping companies for 20 years to streamline production, logistics, and business processes with the goal of increased competitiveness and a better bottom line.

Successful improvement work revolves around:

Achieving significant optimization results in the short term.

Creating a clear and transparent concept for production and logistics processes.

Establishing structure in improvement work and ensuring everyone is involved - all the time.

Establishing alignment between strategy, goals, and long-term performance development.

Integrate assists with:

Conducting value stream analysis and designing future optimized concepts.

Training and coaching leaders and employees in LEAN and improvement work.

Implementing Kaizen and improvement boards.

Conducting specific improvement events in production and administration.

Process support and project management for the execution of improvement projects.

Simulation of production and logistics.


Logistics optimisation

Is your logistics and supply chain optimized, and what does that actually mean? Optimized logistics is about striking the right balance between inventory holding, delivery service, and logistics costs.

Effective logistics and supply chain management are perhaps the most crucial competitive factors in today's world.

Integrate specializes in logistics optimization. We assist with logistics optimization through:

Value stream analysis across the entire logistics and supply chain.

Analysis of internal logistics, material flow, storage principles, transportation, picking routines, packaging lines, palletization, shipping, and distribution.

Data analysis and optimization of factors such as forecasting, variant management, batch sizes, location management, order management, and more.

Simulation and visualization of logistics and supply chains.

Logistics optimization is a highly complex discipline with many parameters and assumptions built-in. We are experts in dynamic simulation, which provides transparency and a credible decision basis for the development and optimization of logistics and supply chains.

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