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Microsoft Power Apps

Automate manual workflows with Power Apps

User-friendly App Development and Effective Process Automation:

  • Experience intuitive app development without technical knowledge and automate manual workflows with Power Apps. This enables the creation of effective solutions, reduces errors and frees up time for strategic work.

Fast Deployment and Mobile Availability:

  • Realize rapid development and deployment of apps, reducing time-to-market and increasing business agility. Also experience mobile accessibility and flexible work from any device.

Flexible and Tailor-made solution.

  • Tailor apps precisely to your company's unique needs and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft products like Power BI and Power Automate as well as existing systems. This results in a flexible, tailored solution and a coherent digital workplace.

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Explore Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps streamline your data management by collecting all your data in ONE central source and integrating with your existing systems.


WithPower Apps you have the ability to create customized and user-defined apps that reduce the need for manual work processes that your business may experience today. These apps are also available on mobile, tablet and PC.


Microsoft Power apps integrate with various systems, including MicrosoftPower Automate andMicrosoft Power Bi, as well as several your company may already be using.

Why choose Microsoft Power Apps?

Unlimited access to your apps wherever you are

Microsoft Power Apps is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Android and IOS.

Cloud based solution

The solution is integrated into Microsoft's cloud platform and therefore requires no technical installation of servers.

Unique Apps for unique needs

With Power Apps, you can build custom apps designed specifically to meet your unique business requirements.

Power Apps in practice

Integrate has developed a Power App solution for C.M. Transport!

C.M. Transport: The app was an idea that arose when we had to handle large amounts of attachments. In Addition, the app allowed us to extend features on it so the drivers could communicate about incidents to support digital drivingreports as well as generate damage reports. 

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Explore the potential of Microsoft Power Apps with our Mini-course! Learn to navigate, design and create apps that optimize your work. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your skills, you're ready to build powerful apps that increase productivity.Contact us for licensing help or jump into the trial version to explore options.

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