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Power BI

Highlight your company's expertise in digital transformation and efficiency improvement with our tailored Business Intelligence! 

Highlight your company's expertise in digital transformation and efficiency enhancement with our tailored Business Intelligence (BI) and automation solutions. Explore our comprehensive tools for data capture, automated reporting, and real-time performance monitoring, enabling better decisions and increased productivity.


Discover our specialization in customizing digital dashboards and system integration, improving your business's operational efficiency and performance. Contact us to experience a live demo of our innovative solutions and see how we can optimize your production processes and enhance your company's data-driven decision-making process.

Business Intelligence

We work withBusiness Intelligence(BI) and we create customized solutions. Our solutions range from small BI reports with individual data sources to larger total solutions based on the entire company's data base.

Business Intelligence solutions create value for you by gathering data from integrated systems – most often Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In addition, we may also capture data from data sources such asManufacturing Execution System,Excel sheet,Access databases,RESTful API etc. 

Optimization through Data

We work with Business Intelligence (BI) and create customized solutions for our clients. Our solutions range from small BI reports with a few data sources to comprehensive solutions based on the entire company's data foundation.

Business Intelligence solutions add value by gathering data from integrated systems, primarily Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Additionally, we can also capture data from sources such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems, Excel sheets, Access databases, RESTful APIs, and more. Through data, we provide an overview of trends in the company's key figures and KPIs.

Our BI solutions are based on Microsoft Power BI, a widely recognized tool that is constantly evolving. Power BI allows for automatic report updates up to 8/48 times per day, depending on the chosen solution.

A typical solution may include focus areas such as sales and customer statistics, production metrics, monthly financial development, quality control, etc. Several clients also have a specific focus area where they are implementing internal improvement initiatives and seek measurement through BI solutions

We offer two data capture solutions!

We offer two data capture solutions - manual and automatic data registrations.

Manual Registration

Our tablet-based Scorecard solution allows for data registration down to the job and operator level. The web-based Scorecard is user-friendly and designed to be used in daily operations directly at each workstation. The Scorecard is ideal for recording processes where data cannot be captured in ERP systems or similar platforms.

In addition to job registration, we also offer a module for systematic maintenance, enabling the automated management of maintenance processes. This provides an overview of completed and outstanding inspections. Operators can also add comments to inspections, facilitating the ordering of components for repair.

Our standard Power BI report is included with this solution, visualizing all relevant KPIs, statistics, and raw data. (Read more about Power BI under the Business Intelligence tab.)

Automatic Registration

With automatic data registration, we establish a factual knowledge base regarding production status on machines, conveyor belts, and more. We capture signals directly from the PLC level to calculate factors such as uptime and downtime.

Such a solution can be effectively combined with Business Intelligence, providing in-depth insights into the registered data.

Automatic registration

By automatically registering data, we create a factual knowledge base about the production status of machines, conveyor belts, etc. Here we capture signals directly from the PLC level, which are used to calculate e.g. up/down times.


Such a solution can be advantageously combined with Business Intelligence, which gives you an in-depth insight into the recorded data.


Digital Automation 

From tools to solutions: Our digital expertise in practice

Through our many years in the consulting industry, we have worked with various tools and created numerous solutions. Consequently, we have acquired extensive expertise in digital systems overall, utilizing this knowledge to develop and implement digital automation solutions.

Many of our clients utilize traditional Excel spreadsheets to manage various functions. Often, we observe that such tools demand a considerable amount of time-consuming manual labor to achieve the desired output. We can automate such tools while preserving the format. No new learning is required, fewer manual errors occur, and time is saved!

We are not limited to Excel spreadsheets, but also develop tools in Access databases, Power Automate, and various other smaller tools that can save you time every day.

Examples of such tools include a Quote/Product configurator with automatic generation of parts lists, calculation sheets for sales projects, automated financial tracking, competency matrices, Gantt charts, and much more.

If you have a specific requirement that cannot be easily addressed with standard tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of such tools are Quotation/Product Configurator with automatic BOM generation, etc., spreadsheets for sales projects, financial follow-up automation, competency matrix, Gantt charts and much more.

Effective Automation of your programs - Save time and avoid errors 

Many of our customers use classic Excel spreadsheets to manage various functions. Often we see that such tools require quite a bit of time-consuming manual work to get the desired output. We can automate such tools while maintaining the format. Nothing new needs to be learned, fewer manual errors occur – and time is saved!

Performance Monitoring


Through performance monitoring, we visualize live data on machine performance, order-related information, and more. We develop a customized dashboard that can be displayed on a screen directly in the production area or wherever desired.

Examples of classic production metrics include the number of items produced per hour, uptime/downtime for the day, item-specific quality control, and so on. Additionally, we present relevant measurements such as vibrations, temperature, humidity, sound, and more.

Data is retrieved either directly from the PLC level or through installed sensors, and we can also connect the dashboard to your MES or ERP system, enabling us to extract information about current orders, item properties, standard times, and much more.

Contact us to see a live demo of the possibilities with performance monitoring!

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