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Why choose Integrate?



Arla Foods


Brüel Systems


Danish Crown




HMK Bilcon

Jydsk Aluminium Industri


Migatronic Automation

ML Industries

Novo Nordisk

Region Hovedstaden

Staermose Industry

Tican Fresh Meat


Vendelbo Spedition

Vestas Wind Systems

Aalborg Portland

Aalborg Vognmandsforretning

Your Digital Transformation

Integrate offers expertise in digital transformation using the Microsoft Power platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. These services include creating custom apps, automating workflows, developing interactive reports, and integrating existing systems. Collaborating with Integrate can help your company realise benefits such as faster development, data-driven decisions, and a more efficient digital workplace

Expertise in Process Optimization

At Integrate, we specialise in optimising business processes. If your company aims to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and achieve consistency in operational processes, Integrate's expertise can help you achieve this goal

Specialisation in industrial simulations

If your company operates in industrial sectors, Integrate specialises in simulating workflows and processes. Using simulation tools, we can replicate your current or desired setup and assist in identifying and resolving issues before they arise in the real world. This means that you can gain in-depth insights before making a significant investment in machinery and materials. With our tools and consultancy, your efficiency and production quality can be improved accordingly

Lean and Continuous Improvement

Integrate offers the implementation of LEAN principles and continuous improvement in your company's processes. This can lead to waste reduction, cost savings, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Data-driven decision making

Integrate uses data and simulation as the basis for decision-making. This means that we can assist your company in making decisions based on actual results and simulations, which can minimise risks and optimise business decisions

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